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cb1-5The COUNTERBLAST™ Beta v1.5 Rules Build has new streamlined gameplay, a faster activation phase, updated Hero Builder and Vehicle rules, and an open crew format without being faction dependent. Use any models from your collection to build your crews and level them up while exploring the Outer Reaches.

Bombshell Miniatures presents the COUNTERBLAST™ Adventure Battle Game, a pulp-inspired science fiction tabletop skirmish battle game for 28mm miniatures. COUNTERBLAST™ takes place in a dieselpunk setting of classic pulp sci-fi adventure with fast paced action and cinematic thrills, evocative of the serials that captivated the imagination of previous generations.

  • Setting Up – The ideal size for most games is 3’ or 4’ square, but can be larger or smaller, based on preference or what’s available
  • Playing the Game – Counterblast uses ten-sided dice (d10) for all skill and ability checks
  • Actions – The most fundamental rule is each model may perform two actions, one of which may be an attack.
  • Conditions – Results from attacks or reactions to environmental effects may cause one or more conditions to a model.
  • Terrain and Environments – Several types of terrain features have ratings that affect gameplay.
  • Hero Builder – This section will allow you to choose a Hero Template and modify it by spending points to upgrade and customize your Heroes.
  • Equipment – Equipment allows or enhances a model’s interaction with other models or with the environment.
  • Psionics and the Deep – Many sentient species of the Outer Reaches have, either through naturally evolved abilities or training, developed their minds and attuned their senses to draw on the cosmic powers known as The Deep.
  • Vehicles – Rules for all types of vehicles like flyers, walkers, tanks, etc. Includes a Vehicle Builder for customized models.
  • Missions – Each crew chooses their own mission for objectives and may try to thwart their opponent.
  • Campaigns – Level up your crews, requisition new gear, uncover salvage and relics, and recruit new heroes and lackeys.
Bombshell Miniatures will be publishing a deluxe hardback version of Counterblast in 2017. In the interim you can visit our Facebook group which has official Counterblast miniatures previews, news, rules updates and supplements, as well as as shared battle reports and hobby tips.

You can see a quick overview of gameplay in action here.

COUNTERBLAST features a unique style of game play with distinct characteristics and abilities depending on the composition of your Crew. The Galactic Council of Worlds consists of a diverse collection of humans and aliens bonded together for the greater good of protecting and serving the Outer Reaches. It is also home to a hodgepodge collection of agents, freebooters, ship crews, and rogue salvage teams who sell their services to corporations, independent planetary governments, and private interests. The Neiran Empire is ruled by a cruel empress bent on dominating the galaxy by force or by cunning, whichever is most profitable. The Mekkus consist of legions of mindless automatons dedicated to wiping all living beings from existence. The most mysterious danger in the galaxy is the mind-bending Edo who strike suddenly without warning, overtaking prey with their powerful tentacles and telekinetic mental blasts.

The game works with fast skill-based, streamlined rules, evocative of pulp serial adventures. The rules contain all mechanics for movement, shooting and fighting with details for unique situations like cover, opportunity fire, and vehicle combat. Additional rules cover character conditions, advancement as troops become more experienced, and campaign guidelines for running continuing storylines. It also covers details of the settings, viewpoints of the various factions, hazards they may encounter, and other background material on the rich frontier worlds your troops will inhabit, explore, and confront throughout your games.

The miniatures are available both as individual characters and sets of troops. Each affiliation has one or more starter sets that include the necessary models and bases to play your chosen force. Models are scaled to be consistent with many other popular tabletop wargames. It allows players to utilize vehicles, components and kits from a wide range of sources to fill out their battlefield forces, vehicles, and tabletop terrain.

Many other products are planned to support the COUNTERBLAST brand. In addition to our initial release of the tabletop Adventure Battle Game for miniatures with ongoing miniatures releases, supplements are planned featuring faction books, scenario and campaign guides, roleplaying rules, rocketship combat rules, setting fiction, board games, a card game, and supporting accessories, all within the rich setting of classic pulp sci-fi.