Counterblast for Savage Worlds RPG PreOrder is here!

Counterblast for Savage Worlds RPG PreOrder is here!

Apr 14th 2023

Counterblast items are available for PreOrder through May 30, 2023 at Bombshell Minis. Drive-ThruRPG will still be our source fulfillment on the digital and Print-on-Demand items offered! So all is not lost, and if you're a late arrival, pop over to the Bombshell site and check out the items we're offering. Pre-order items are scheduled to ship in August this year.

Click here to visit the PreOrder page.

The PreOrder items include:

  • Full color hardcover 128+ page rulebook of the Counterblast setting for the Savage Worlds RPG (Includes PDF).
  • 8 all new Counterblast Archetype characters miniatures set available in 3D resin or as digital STL files.
  • Special Limited Edition lunch box starter set with Battlefoam tray and topper, mini 5.5" x 7.5" digest soft cover rulebook, miniatures set, Action Card Deck with metal tin, dice bag with blue ultonium crystals, and a 5" x 7" character record sheet pad!

Several items from the lunchbox will be available for individual purchase as well.
Again, we want to thank all of you for your support and interest in Counterblast RPG Guide for Savage Worlds.

And we look forward to seeing you in the Outer Reaches!