Get the FREE Counterblast Jumpstart PDF

Get the FREE Counterblast Jumpstart PDF

Mar 6th 2023

This Jumpstart guide for the Savage Worlds Adventure Edition introduces players and GMs to the Counterblast setting and includes a one-shot adventure. Pertinent gear, creatures, and vehicles unique to the setting are included. In addition, a handful of pre-generated characters of species common to Counterblast are also included. 

Adventure Episode - "Is Anybody Home?"

The crew is dispatched by the Galactic Recovery Agency to the remote mining facility Outpost Alpha 2, located on the planet Lanos in the Anophi system of the Outer Reaches. The Galactic Defense Force (GDF) is spread thin in this area, so they are offering compensation for civilian assistance. The last received communication from the miners was inconspicuous; nothing unusual was reported. No distress signal was received from the facility, but subsequent communications have gone unanswered.

So grab a bubble helmet, check the setting on that trusty ray gun, and blast off for the Outer Reaches in your ultonium-powered rocket ship. Battle interstellar invaders as a soldier of the valiant Galactic Defense Force. Explore the hidden secrets of a lost alien civilization on far flung planets, recover salvage and hunt criminals for bounty as a Galactic Recovery Agent, or just try to keep flying by getting a valuable cargo to the infamous Stellar Exchange. All this and much more awaits players in the Counterblast setting for Savage Worlds, where play is fast, furious, and fun!

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