Maelee 75


Bombshell Miniatures is proud to present its premiere 75mm resin model of Maelee the Mechanic cast in high quality polyurethane resin. She is sculpted by Patrick Keith based on Izzy Collier’s 2012 design. Price is $49.99 USD.

This new release is is currently in production and will premiere at ReaperCon 2016. Web store orders placed between October 17th and 23rd will ship after October 24th when we return from the show.

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Golden Maelee


Bombshell Miniatures is very excited to bring you the Golden Maelee award for 2016. This year we are offering this award for excellence in painting as part of the Sponsored Awards at ReaperCon. Please visit the ReaperCon Master Series Painting Contest page for full rules. Sponsored Award info is at the bottom.

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Babes 3 Final Day!

Babes 3 Final Day!

Only 12 Hours Remain!

Here is the chance to hop in and help us unlock two more Babes before time runs out! The will be your best chance to get these miniatures at the Kickstarter price. Unlike past campaigns, these models will not be available for a pre-order discount to non-backers before they are released at retail. Help us get them made here!

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Babes 3 – Just Over 24 Hours to Go!


Over half-way to Ellie!

We are getting very close to unlocking the sci-fi heroine and sidekick set Ellie Tyson and Bz-R. You have all really helped us to gain some ground overnight to where Ellie and the bot are within striking distance.


$23.000 – Anvalla the Orc Foregemaiden would make a great companion for Maelee or to fill out your forge set with additional helping hands. When Anvalla is unlocked she will be available as a Babes choice for the Bomb Kit and Detonator levels and as an Add-On for $8 eachfor your pledge.


With thirty-six combined lives, this collection of cats will see to any heroic task, quest, or mission.

Thanks for hanging in there with us! We have just over 24 hours to go to wrap up Babes 3! One last push to get the word out could help us unlock Anvalla just in time!


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Babes 3 FUNDED in under 12 hours!

Once again – our terrific community of fans, friends, colleagues, and supporters, never fail to amaze us. Thank you, everyone! We funded within the first 12 hours of launching the campaign and are now only a few hundred dollars away from unlocking our first stretch goal, the amazing concept of Shaeldareyth Bladesong designed by Chris Walton.

$12,500 – Shaeldareyth Bladesong will be available as a Babes choice for the Bomb Kit and as an Add-On for $8 each for your pledge.

Next up!

$16,000 –  Anugrah the Deepseer – maestress of the cosmos. She channels the energies of the heavens and studies planetary alignments to foretell of coming events. When she is unlocked, Anugrah will be available as a Babes choice for the Bomb Kit and as an Add-On for $8 each for your pledge.


Women of the space age abound in this new specially priced combo containing Babes from our first two projects, Counterblast, and a regular release. 25% off regular MSRP.



Over the course of the campaign I will be working on the rest of the initial set of sculpts to give you a bit of an inside look at how I produce models for Bombshell. Here are a few more looks at the completed minis I finished at the time of launch.






On Saturday Sept. 24 at 3PM CDT / 1PM PDT I will be taking you through a back-stage tour at the mid-point of the Babes3 Kickstarter project via Google Hangouts. Be there for an inside look at the sculpts, concept art, stretch goals, and more!

Thanks again for all of your terrific support, and for getting the word out to the painting and gaming community. We have said it many times, and it is always true, none of what we do, can we do without you.  :)

–Patrick (The Sculptdude)

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KritterKins Update 9

As you can see we are a couple of weeks into September and we’ve shipped a handful of packages for the items that have been completed so far. What we didn’t account for was how hot it would be in the afternoons and how that would affect our casting progress. The resin tends to cure faster, forcing us to run smaller batches of molds at a time.

Tracking our progress, we are a little over half way to completing all of the production castings.

KritterKins Production Progress Chart
KritterKins Production Progress Chart
  • Lady Sakura and Jonsey have been mastered
  • Naito production castings are in progress
  • Flint, Coco, and Managara will be mastered next

Once the original sculpts are molded, a set of blue resin masters are cast, usually about six of each part. These resin masters are used to make sets of production molds, usually a dozen or so, in order to make batches of production castings at a time.

Naito masters being removed from her production molds
Naito masters being removed from her production molds


Batches of production molds during casting
Batches of production molds during casting


Usagi Kage and Kero castings in Q/C
Usagi Kage and Kero castings in Q/C


Naito and Kero parts ready to be Q/Ced and cleaned
Naito and Kero parts ready to be Q/Ced and cleaned


Kero castings ready for shipping
Kero castings ready for shipping

We restocked on supplies Thursday and have been making more molds, cleaning masters, and casting production runs.

$400 box of goo
$400 box of goo

Kero is just about wrapped up and the rest of the molds for Naito are going into production today.

Vicky has been hard at work cycling through trays of production molds to get all of the KritterKins wrapped up. This has allowed me to focus on sculpting again, although I still handle all of the mold-making.

Benign Overseer Shas'tan monitors the production process
Benign Overseer Shas’tan monitors the production process

Currently the schedule will have us wrapping up the casting around mid-October. As it cools off here, and we have fresh materials to work with, production should go as planned.

Thanks again for all your patience and support! We are looking forward to getting your KirtterKins to you as soon as possible!

— Patrick

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WIP Wednesday – Medieval Maelee


The preview of the Babes 3 Kickstarter project has been updated with new pics. The project will go live September 19th and more sculpts will be posted before launch. Be sure to click the notify button to be updated when the project launches.


Our Medieval Maelee sculpt by Patrick Keith is finished and ready for mastering. The sculpt is based on a design by Chris Walton who generously contributed his time and talents for the art. She will come complete with her oversized tongs and handy anvil ready to get medieval on you!


We also have a medieval forge set which will feature a resin cast forge and 6-piece pewter cast toolset complete with Maelee’s signature tongs, hammer, anvil, coal bucket, quenching bucket, and bellows.



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