30007 - Counterblast 2nd Edition Quick Rules

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Product Overview

Counterblast is a skirmish-level miniatures battle game in an atomic raypunk setting. Players control crews of pulp sci-fi heroes plying the spaceways in search of uncharted worlds, alien artifacts, new territory for colonization, and essential deposits of ultonium. In this Quick Start book you will find the basic information you need to familiarize yourself with combat in Counterblast, including rules for how to create your crew, how to set up a table, and how to battle for control of the Outer Reaches and beyond!

  • Setting Up – The ideal size for most games is 3’ or 4’ square, but can be larger or smaller, based on preference or what’s available
  • Playing the Game – Counterblast uses ten-sided dice (d10) for all skill and ability checks for shooting, fighting, and other actions. 
  • Actions – Each model may perform two actions during its activation for moving, shooting, fighting, or a list of other options.
  • Conditions – Results from attacks or reactions to environmental effects may cause one or more conditions to a model.
  • Terrain and Environments – Several types of terrain features have ratings that affect gameplay.
  • Equipment – Equipment allows or enhances a model’s interaction with other models or with the environment.
  • Psionics and the Deep – Many sentient species of the Outer Reaches have, either through naturally evolved abilities or training, developed their minds and attuned their senses to draw on the cosmic powers known as The Deep.
  • Missions – Each crew chooses their own mission for objectives rather than a common scenario and may try to thwart their opponent.



(No reviews yet) Write a Review