We have some great badge ribbons to give away this year! Here's how to nab yours.

  • Babe Magnet: Purchase 2 or more Babes
  • I’ll Take Sides With That: Purchase a Sidekick with any other Bombshell items—including another Sidekick.
  • Busted!!!: Purchase one or more Bombshell busts, 75mm, or large scale figure model kits, including Kritterkin Major Tom.
  • I Got Moxie!: Purchase one or more Counterblast items.
  • Kritter Keeper: Purchase one or more Kritterkins or Kritterpins
  • Some Pulp: Purchase one or more of the following pulp minis: The Ghost, The Mist, The Jetster, Doc Vulcan, Katana, the Verdent Wasp, Betty Blake, or Evelyn the Explorer.
  • Rocketman!:  Purchase one or more from the following: ISW-71B Scout Ship kit, small scale tactical Scout Ship, or any style rocket bike.




Bombshell Miniatures - 2022 Golden Maelee Award

We will be sponsoring a Manufacturer's Award in this year's Reaper MSP Open Paint Contest.

* All Bombshell Entries will be awarded a Gold, Silver or Bronze Dog Tag depending on the level of painting and presentation of each entry. A gold, silver and bronze Maelee trophy will be awarded to the top three paint jobs out of all the Bombshell entries.

* Entries will need to feature at least one one or more Bombshell Miniatures as the prominent subject. This can be anything from Babes, Sidekicks, Kritterkins to Robots or busts. Each entry will be judged on its own merit of painting execution, presentation and skill.

* Entries from artists who have been professionally commissioned by Bombshell Miniatures are ineligible for the Golden Maelee Trophy at this time, they may still receive Dog Tag awards for their entries.



We will have a large bin with some of our seconds, miscast, or damaged, resin parts that would be perfectly suitable for conversions, scenery, test painting, or other hobby projects. Pricing will be by the ounce. Come by and dig through the trough for your unimaginable finds.