ProCreate Sculpting Putty

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Product Overview

The official sculpting epoxy putty for Bombshell Miniatures.

ProCreate is a new generation of epoxy putty formulated specifically for the professional artist to create original miniature sculpture. ProCreate has a fine, non-grainy consistency that makes it easy to mix, sculpt, smooth and allows for extremely fine detail.

This formulation is extremely durable and has been tested for the miniatures production process. It can withstand a wide range of molding processes including vulcanization.

Each package includes two 1.5 oz bars, one resin Part A and one hardener Part B. Each are individually wrapped to prevent cross contamination of the materials. When combined, the material cures to a plastic-like hardness over the course of an hour. Full cure requires 24 hours. The cure time may be accelerated by placing under a heat source, like a lamp. Do NOT place uncured ProCreate in an oven. The material may be worked and tooled just as most other epoxy putties such as "green stuff" or "brown stuff".

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review