Miniature Monthly – Giveaway for May


Check out The Miniature Monthly Giveaway this month! Be sure to sign up before June 1st for a chance to win prizes from Secret Weapon MiniaturesBombshell MiniaturesBigchild Creatives and Ninja Division – Soda Pop Miniatures.

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May Releases

The new miniatures funded on the Babes 3 Kickstarter campaign are all now available in the web store. If you missed backing the project, now is the time to jump in and get these great new models!


Dr. Zardov’s primary henchbots, 1ST1 & 2ND1, are now available in their own set. They are complete pewter models including HLpR chassis, particle weapons, tools & equipment, and clear plastic domes.


We have received restocks on the Heavy Combot kit. This multi-part robot stands 80mm tall and is pressure cast from high quality polyurethane resin.

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Skirmish Supremacy Podcast Giveaway


Bombshell Miniatures is partnering with Skirmish Supremacy​ in May to giveaway this two-faction bundle for Counterblast. Get the jump on the upcoming Bookstarter campaign and win this combo package that includes the current starter Galactic Defense Force and Edofleini crew sets. Click for 8 ways you can enter!

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Counterblast Lunchbox Sneak Peek

Here is a sneak peek at the Counterblast Lunchbox Edition which will include two starter factions and all the accessories for your initial games. Pics of the new sculpts and other components will be posted in the coming weeks. These 2-player starter sets, as well as individual components, will be available for pre-order starting May 25th.



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Bombshell New Releases coming for May

Happy Friday!
We certainly hope everyone has had a terrific week and is looking forward to rolling towards summer. Here at the Bombshell Factory we’re doing some spring cleaning and preparing for the big Counterblast campaign coming next month! Valiant has shipped the remaining items for the Babes 3 Kickstarter campaign and we are on time to fulfill that right on schedule. We will update you next week on when all of those fantastic new minis will be available in the web store.
— Patrick  the Sculptdude
We have a collection of 10 new Babes and 3 new Sidekicks funded on the Kickstarter project last fall ready for release in May. We will send a notification as soon as they are available in the web store.

Elizabeth Beckford, Assassin – Painted by Mary Profitt

Sister Marion Weebley – painted by Mary Profitt 

This is the final weekend to get the GDF Security Crew Combo
Zyga was released to light duty and temporarily assigned as Security Officer to Outpost 871 while the mining crew shifts were rotated out for R&R. An Alanti pyswan, Zyga is quick, agile, and a fairly impressive marksman. He finds his assignment at Outpost 871 boring and while he doesn’t shirk his duties, he is more than happy to allow the station’s contingent of bots to perform additional patrols. He looks forward to returning to active duty.

We will be running some more local demos of Counterblast all during the month of May. Our studio cat Ney’tiri will make sure her Shrinaar crew is up to the task.
COUNTERBLAST™ Adventure Battle Game, is a pulp-inspired science fiction tabletop skirmish battle game for 28mm miniatures. The Second Edition rulebook is a 160+ page, full-sized, full color hardcover, with new streamlined gameplay, a faster activation phase, updated Hero Builder and Vehicle rules, and an open crew format without being faction dependent. Use any models from your collection to build your crews and level them up while exploring the Outer Reaches.

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Mission Mondays – Week 4


Kicking off the weeks leading up to the launch of the 2nd Edition of Counterblast, we will be offering new missions for you to try out in your games at home. You can download a new free PDF each Monday up to the beginning of the “Bookstarter” campaign.

Vast tracts of unexplored territory beckon explorers to every corner of the Outer Reaches. Outposts, settlements, and garrisons are widespread for all manner of mining operations, defensive fortifications, and  research facilities. In this mission, crews attempt to stake a claim to a location on the tabletop where a base can be established.

Click here to download this week’s mission – Colonize

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Saturday Sneak Peeks

Here are a few sneak peeks of the upcoming things that have been posted so far this month over on the COUNTERBLAST Facebook group. Drop by and check out all the latest on the upcoming “Bookstarter” campaign for the second edition.

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