Sharks, BeesPutty, and Counterblast


Starting Sunday, sink your teeth into our deal for July! All next week you can get our Shark Combo Deal with four fearsome predators for only $30. Hurry, they swim away July 29th.


For those waiting on our BeesPutty restock, the shipment has finally arrived in the US from Germany! If you contacted us previously regarding the restock, we will email you as soon as we have it onsite to let you know it’s available for order.

Development on the new Counterblast book is really coming along now!



The book is really coming along now! Frank is wrapping up the last section of the crew lists. All we have left to write are the profiles for the Neiran Empire. The all-new campaign section is done and formatted in the layout. Now it’s down to some final photographs, diagrams, and art placement plus a few tweaks in the text. We are still on track to get the book off to the printer the first week of August.

Vicky will be notifying all of our pre-order customers in the next few weeks to verify the shipping addresses. We want to make sure your Counterblast orders get to the right place!

Charles and Travis came out to the Bombshell shop today to do an awesome amount of work getting the sheetrock on the ceiling and walls of the sculpting studio. It topped out at 107°F outside and we had the portable AC units running which kept it around 90°F while we were working in the space.







See you in a couple of weeks!


–The Sculptdude

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Counterblast – Layout Progress

There is still a bit of work to do completing the Crew Lists for the Lancers, Mekkus, and Neiran Empire sections of the Counterblast 2.0 rulebook. Frank has done a great job of setting up the lists in a comprehensive way using Google Sheets. Vicky and I are wrapping up the final details on those lists as Frank is working on completing the campaign section.


Crew list tables


Weapons lists


Gear lists


Files for the book layout

I have broken down all of the sub-sections of the book and have started the final process of adding art and graphics to the necessary pages. I will be photographing models and scenic vignettes this week to drop into the layouts.


In Design layout of the Vehicles section in the rules


Excerpt from the setting section


Excerpt from the setting section

There is a new 16-page section detailing all of the setting and background titled Earth and the Outer Reaches written by Vicky. She has also written 4 to 6 page sections of new material detailing each one of the faction that will be included in the crew list sections. Those layouts are almost complete and are waiting on the finalized crew lists.

We are getting very close to publication, and the big push is to have the printed materials  in to ship out all of the pre-orders before ReaperCon over Labor Day weekend.


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Factory Update – Framing

Framing on the interior of the shop is complete! There are a few areas along the ceiling corners that will need additional support for drywall but that will be going up in a couple of days.

Next up, roughing in all of the electrical wiring. Lighting fixtures have been selected and HVAC options are being considered. We hope to have that all installed in the next couple of weeks.


View from the loading dock roll-up door.


View from the north door into the break room.


The sculpting studio from the door.


Shipping/Receiving and Molding/Casting looking from the break room.


Molding and casting at the south end of the building.


Shipping and Receiving looking out onto the loading dock.

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FREE Robots July 1st!



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Jurassic June


Jurassic June has a couple of great offers coming up! The Jungle Elf on Raptor kit will be $15 all month and any orders of $25 or more will receive a free Tazjh Raptor Hatchling automatically!

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May’s Offer and Counterblast Layout



Lots of progress on the Counterblast 2.0 book layout was made this week! The introduction and rules sections have been blocked out and formatted with all of the paragraph and object styles.


I built the table of contents so that it automatically updates as pages are modified.


Frank is still working on filling out the remaining crew list items so we’ll be formatting the stat blocks and cards soon. Blank space will be filled with diagrams and photos of models.


The Missions section has been formatted to make it easy to print the pages from the PDF so players can cut them out for easier reference.

Later this week I will be tackling the crew list sections which will be full of tables and nested layouts so it will be pretty labor intensive. More pics as it comes along!


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Counterblast Page Layout begins


We’ve unpacked and set up enough stuff to begin working on laying out the book for printing after the months of moving and listing our old house for sale. The toll has been immense but well worth all of the extra work.


After fighting with some wi-fi connectivity issues, I finally got the Doom Bunny server for Bombshell Miniatures back up and running. I will be building digital assets over the next few weeks to layout the book for Counterblast.


Vicky cut and nailed all of the framing section inserts. I helped with setting and anchoring them. They have a radiant barrier between the studs and metal sheeting. These will be filed with batting insulation before the sheetrock is added.


These are some of the remaining wall stud sections that will go on the north and east ends of the building. Vicky cut and assembled all of these.

After the framing is done we can finish out the studio and I can move all of my sculpting/painting/computer gear out of the temporary setup in the house.

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