The Road to AdeptiCon 2017


Throughout March we will be posting pics and video from the studio as the Bombshell Miniatures team, VickyCharlesJacob, and Patrick make preparations to head to Chicago at the end of the month. Subscribe to the YouTube channel to catch the latest.

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The Fall of Outpost 871

Edo were seen advancing on the position of Outpost 871 where the skeleton crew of GDF security officers made a last desperate bid to secure the survey data of the ultonium mining settlement.



Security Chief Alanar and EMT bot FZ2 set up to make a dash to towards the eastern data relay tower.


Across the settlement, Fema and Security bot KLZ-9 set their sights on data relay tower 2.


Combot A6 makes a dash for the central data relay tower.


Lots of cover to maneuver through to get to the objectives.


Edo creatures slish across the open ground seeking cover from incoming fire. Arc rays crackle at the ready of their weapons.


Spawnlings take the higher ground looking for targets while the trappers skulk in the shadows awaiting to leap on unsuspecting prey.


The advanced eyespy was taken out by a lucky shot from Chief Alanar while the spybot and Edo Underling square off near the cargo loader.


After Fema was killed by a blast from an overloaded circuit at the data relay pylon, KLZ-9 makes a move to retreive the data when it’s set upon by a viscious Edokin Trapper.


After wiping out the rest of the security team, the Edo sweep across the settlement and focus all their firepower to take out KLZ-9 before it can download the rest otf the data.


Outpost 871 is now under the control of the Edo where they will likely call in their central Undermind to begin creating a spawning pool and new colony.


Had a great time playing this demo game at Texas Toy Soldier with Charles Alexander and Jacob Dotter, even though my GDF Security Team got their asses handed to them by the Edo.




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Upcoming Releases

Coming later this month we have a couple of new models for your Counterblast games. The first is a Neiran Exile for your GCW crews. The next is a Mekkus Braindrone pack of 3. The sculpts have been sent to mastering and as soon as the production castings are in we’ll be adding these new items to the web store.
Production is wrapping up on the Babes 3 Kickstarter campaign and all of the Babes will be available as new releases in the web store in March once fulfillment of the project completes. We will keep you posted when these fantastic new miniatures are available.
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Win this Painted Edo Scutter


This month Bombshell Miniatures is giving away this painted Edo Scutter used for demos and playtest games of Counterblast. To be eligible for the drawing you must share this original post. The winner will be announced in the Counterblast Facebook Group on March 1st, 2017.

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February Specials




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Heavy Combot Giveaway




We are giving away this pre-release Heavy Combot resin kit for Counterblast. To enter, just join our new Counterblast Facebook Group by Feb 1st, 2017 to be eligible.

The GCW Heavy Combot is a multi-part resin kit that is is posable with multiple weapon options and comes with a plastic 50mm base. The kit will premier at AdeptiCon the weekend of March 23 – 26, 2017 and will be available for sale in our web store starting that weekend.

Visit our Counterblast Facebook Group here.

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Golden Maelee returns to ReaperCon 2017


Bombshell Miniatures will be sponsoring several awards at ReaperCon this year.

We are offering our brand new Golden Maelee Trophy produced from a sculpt by Patrick Keith and gift certificates good for the web store to the following winners.

  • Best Bombshell Babe category
  • Best Bombshell Counterblast category
  • Best Bombshell KritterKin category
  • Best Bombshell Sidekick category
  • Best Bombshell Diorama/Vehicle/Large Miniature category
  • 1st place – Bombshell Gold trophy and $75 Web Store Gift Certificate
  • 2nd place – Bombshell Silver trophy and $50 Web Store Gift Certificate
  • 3rd place – Bombshell Bronze trophy and $25 Web Store Gift Certificate
  • Best Bombshell Miniature award chosen from the 1st place winners of the five above categories which will include a $100 web store gift credit in addition to the trophy.

Patrick Keith, Mary Profitt, and Vicky Morgan-Keith will be judging the entries

Entries from artists who have been professionally commissioned by Bombshell Miniatures are ineligible.

Visit the ReaperCon site.

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