March Forth with Babes Combos!

We have bundled a couple of great sets of Babes for March! Both The Military Miss Combo and the Space Heroines Combo are regularly $60 if the Babes are purchased individually. You can get each set all this month for only $45!

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Happy New Year, Blasters!

Sorry, again, for the delay on the project. At this point I don’t have a hard date when the items will ship out. Unfortunately due to the extensive revisions in getting the rules written, we ran into a snag on development causing the production to bleed over into the time for moving the shop. Since packing up the current Bombshell Miniatures and preparing to move it to its new location we have also had to contend with construction delays due to weather, as well as a nasty bout of pneumonia and bronchitis over the holidays.
Here is what Bombshell Miniatures currently looks like.

Bombshell Miniatures being moved to its new home

Frank contacted me the first week of January with more progress on the revised force lists for all the factions. This is one step closer to wrapping up the rules text and preparing it for layout. Once I can get all of the computer equipment moved and reconnected to the internet at the new shop, we’ll resume working on book layout and design. All that is remaining is the completed books and statcards. Everything else, the new minis, the lunch boxes, the corrected foam inserts, dice, etc. is in and ready to ship.

The web store section is active again for Counterblast.

Thanks again for your continued support and patience as we work to get you the next version of Counterblast. We’ll keep you posted.

– Patrick (The Sculptdude)

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December Deals from Bombshell

We have some great holiday offers all throughout December!
Free turtles and free monkeys for orders of $25 or more
on December 5th and December 14th only!
US/Domestic orders of $40 or more will receive FREE SHIPPING
on December 15th
Be sure to let us know what size you want!


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Many of you have pre-ordered the new Counterblast book, lunch-box edition, and new miniature releases, and have been eagerly awaiting your items since May. Those items were projected to ship in September.

As with so many other small companies with limited resources, we have met with delays on this project and are still working to bring you the best Counterblast experience we can produce. Here is a summary of the status on the project.

  • Photos are still in the works and the web store section will be active again soon
  • The corrected foam inserts for the lunch box have arrived
  • Text for the core rules have been completed
  • Text for the background fluff has been completed
  • Editing on the interior of the new book(s) is underway
  • Production molds for the new miniatures are still underway

All of the other items and components are in and we are really only waiting to wrap up the “printed” material, such as the Core Rulebook, the the Quick Start booklet, and the new statcards. Fortress updated me with the status on the miniatures and said the production casting would start soon. All of the masters had been cleaned and the productions molds were just about done.

Cause and Effect

Many of you know we have been looking to relocate Bombshell Miniatures and build a dedicated production facility to expand our operation since about February or so of this year. We initially began looking at Columbia, MO as an option, along with surrounding areas, as it would be centrally located to the shows we regularly attend. Since then, we have opted to remain in Texas to look after our family members who are elderly and may be needing care somewhere down the line.

At the end of August we finally found just such a property about an our away from our current home, but within 30 minutes of most of our family. We began demolition on the existing house to determine it’s suitability for renovation while at the same time, supervising the construction of the new dedicated 1200 square foot shop where all of Bombshell Miniatures would live.

If you are interest on the progress of our relocation project, you can see our photo albums here for pictures of the progress.

All that said, it took us way longer to find a suitable property and it has taken us way longer than expected to get the Counterblast project completed. However, we are determined to get get everything printed, packed and shipped out before the end of the year. It would be much more desirable to complete fulfillment before moving. That would avoid the inevitable packing up all of the components, moving them to the new shop, and then unpacking them to send out the orders.

As I write this, I am a week from turning 50 and Bombshell will be celebrating its 5th anniversary. We are dedicated now, more than ever, to relaunch Bombshell and Counterblast into something none of us thought possible only a few years ago.

Thanks again for being part of it and for helping us to grow and continue to create, while so many more established companies have had to close up or shut down.

–Patrick (The Sculptdude)


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Morihalda the Forest Spirit Bust


Morihalda is Bombshell’s first bust in the new line. She is designed and sculpted by Patrick Keith in 1:8th scale. The kit comes in three parts, the bust and both antlers, and will require assembly. We are currently taking pre-orders. The sculpt has been molded and castings are in production now. Orders will be shipped as casting is completed. Morihalda the Forest Spirit is $29.99

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Counterblast Production Update


Components on the Counterblast pre-order campaign are starting to trickle in. Printed lunch boxes, tape measures, and dice, have arrived! Battle Foam® has informed us the insert trays are in production and will be coming in over the next couple of weeks. Fortress Figures has shipped a sample of the resin Sally Space Ace which will be arriving this evening. Pending approval, the rest of the castings will go into final production. Vicky has just about wrapped up all of the setting background text, and the rules development team is on the final pass of their writing. After another editing pass that will all go to layout and then off to print.

We are running a little long on getting everything ready by the end of August, and it will likely begin shipping out in September. Not a huge delay, but we want to make sure all of the bits are right.

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SixShooters_Combo.jpgThis month all of our dangerously dead-eye Babes are available in a Six-Pack Combo. Choose any six trigger-happy heroines, or choose all the same one, for only $45 (reg. $60)

Get this set of all four elemental Sidekicks for a special price of $10 (reg. $14)

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