Counterblast RPG for Savage Worlds Kickstarter

Counterblast RPG for Savage Worlds Kickstarter

Mar 6th 2023

Counterblast RPG for Savage Worlds is a fully realized setting for pulp adventures in a retro sci-fi setting. Earth has joined the Galactic Council of Worlds in 1948, and fewer than ten years later humans have proliferated all regions of the Council worlds. You can play any number of characters from stalwart and powerful aliens, to prolific and ambitious humans, to robots or cyborgs. The quest to keep the galaxy running hinges on the acquisition of ultonium which is under threat by the incursion of the alien cephalopods known as the Edofleini. What's worse is the ancient empire of the cruel and brutal Neiran are ever expanding. Will you be able to eke out your place in this hostile frontier?

  • The setting guide will be a full color 120+ page book with new materials
  • There will be Plot-Point Campaigns as well as One-Sheet adventures
  • There will be a lunch box starter set
  • There will be a themed action card deck and Ultonium Bennies
  • There will be new Counterblast character miniatures

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