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Counterblast is a skirmish-level miniatures battle game in an atomic raypunk setting. Players control crews of pulp sci-fi heroes plying the spaceways in search of uncharted worlds, alien artifacts, new territory for colonization, and essential deposits of ultonium. In this book you will find all of the information you need to play the game, including rules for how to create your crew, how to set up a table, and how to battle for control of the Outer Reaches and beyond!

  • 31014 - Edo Strider 31014 - Edo Strider

    31014 - Edo Strider

    Support your own alien invasion with an Edo Strider. Crewed by Edo Spawnlings. Pressure cast polyurethane resin kit includes clear plastic 25mm dome. Model is 1/56 scale and suitable for use with other 28mm-32m tabletop miniatures. Overall height is 7...
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