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Mission of Mercy

Mission of Mercy by Vicky Morgan-Keith   Routing encrypted uplink to Salvager 0110 via Mekkus Central Command Unit 257-021. Command and access codes verified. ID confirmed. Comm line secure. Link established. Program authorized. Initiating. Directive: Proceed to sector coordinates 52.37.41. … Continue reading

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Arnt Deals for Keeps

Arnt Deals for Keeps by Vicky Morgan-Keith Steam rose from the polished bronzewood cup of tea, tantalizing Nuvos with its deep, piquant aroma. He took a small sip, savoring the warm, spicy beverage as much as he savored the few … Continue reading

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Incident at Tau 226

  Incident at Tau 226 by Vicky Morgan-Keith Freeg longed for a bath. The reek of stale sweat and other bodily odors permeated the Illyrian’s survival suit, causing his lone eye to water. He doubted he’d ever get it out, … Continue reading

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Tentacles from the Void

TENTACLES FROM THE VOID by Vicky Morgan-Keith Drifting through the chill silence of space, a massive vessel cast a shadow far colder and malignant than the void it traversed. Its long voyage had taken its toll, the ship’s craggy surface … Continue reading

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Counterblast Fiction

COUNTERBLAST Clips by Vicky Morgan-Keith Drajorfa, Jamad of the House Sokaf-Do, leapt from the back of her motokk bondbeast as he skidded to a stop, the many bones adorning her breastplate all a-clatter. Her chief huntresses awaited her at the … Continue reading

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