BeeSPutty Triple Firm Grey

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BeeSPutty Triple Firm Grey oven-hardening modeling clay - 100g Pack


Color is Grey. This extra firm version is a bit less sticky and a bit firmer than the previous versions of the formula. That makes it easier to work with it at temperatures of up to 77°F (25°C). Or it can be used for extra fine detail work.


CAUTION! Read these instructions before use, follow and keep for reference. Remove desired amount of modeling clay and form into desired shape. For curing the material, bake in the oven at maximum 285° F (140° C) within 30 minutes. Do not exceed the recommended temperature otherwise harmful gases can be produced. Do not exceed the baking time of 30 minutes.


ATTENTION! For children over 8 years. Use only under adult supervision. Baking should be performed with adult supervision.

Do not use microwave.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review