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Mako’s Run – Chapter 4

By Vicky Morgan-Keith Mrrowl’s feet moved with practiced ease from a basic guard stance to the earliest attack form he had learned as a cub. Surefooted, he stalked across the cold deck plates of the Mako’s main cargo hold while … Continue reading

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Mako’s Run – Chapter 3

By Vicky Morgan-Keith Wiping grime off his hands with a utility rag, Sparg scrutinized his work a final time before replacing a panel over the locking mechanism of the damaged hatch. He’d removed his coat while working and picked it … Continue reading

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Mako’s Run – Chapter 2

By Vicky Morgan-Keith There was little room in the cramped confines of the cabin for Mrrowl to move about–let alone stretch. They’d locked him in here at gunpoint once the ship was secured after the failed attack. Mrrowl winced slightly … Continue reading

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Mako’s Run – Chapter 1

By Vicky Morgan-Keith The Mako’s Run slewed abruptly to one side, rocking Paz violently about despite being strapped securely in her seat in the cockpit. Several control boards at her station sparked and flared brightly before all but one went … Continue reading

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Counterblast for $20 Off

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Mako’s Run – Prologue Pt. 2

By Vicky Morgan-Keith Her Most Excellent Grandness Messilina IV, Beloved Daughter of the Divine Firstmother Aoth, Wielder of Life and Death, Foremother of all Neira, and Empress of the Neiran Empire furrowed delicate feathered brows to scowl down from her … Continue reading

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Mako’s Run – Prologue Pt.1

By Vicky Morgan-Keith “No!” Grand Oracle Azhia sat bolt upright on her plump bed of softest down, the echo of the frightened shout resoundingly harsh and loud in her ear canals. Alarmed, she turned her head from side to side … Continue reading

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