32011 - GDF Illyrian Ranger

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Selected from the ranks of GDF sentries, rangers receive special survival training at the Shrinaar facility, Toam de'na Ro. Rangers are trained for various missions, mostly involving reconnaissance and alien wildlife management. Their assignments frequently require them to be on their own for protracted periods of time, so Rangers often carry survival gear and additional specialized equipment suited to their mission.  Many loner and solitary types often volunteer to enter the Ranger ranks. Ranger Motto: We are the seekers of the unknown, the advance alarm of any threat.


These miniatures are cast in high quality polyurethane resin. Comes unpainted, assembly may be required. 

Designed & Sculpted by Patrick Keith. 

CAUTION: For ages 14 and up.This product contains small parts that may be considered a choking hazard.



(No reviews yet) Write a Review