Counterblast – Layout Progress

There is still a bit of work to do completing the Crew Lists for the Lancers, Mekkus, and Neiran Empire sections of the Counterblast 2.0 rulebook. Frank has done a great job of setting up the lists in a comprehensive way using Google Sheets. Vicky and I are wrapping up the final details on those lists as Frank is working on completing the campaign section.


Crew list tables


Weapons lists


Gear lists


Files for the book layout

I have broken down all of the sub-sections of the book and have started the final process of adding art and graphics to the necessary pages. I will be photographing models and scenic vignettes this week to drop into the layouts.


In Design layout of the Vehicles section in the rules


Excerpt from the setting section


Excerpt from the setting section

There is a new 16-page section detailing all of the setting and background titled Earth and the Outer Reaches written by Vicky. She has also written 4 to 6 page sections of new material detailing each one of the faction that will be included in the crew list sections. Those layouts are almost complete and are waiting on the finalized crew lists.

We are getting very close to publication, and the big push is to have the printed materials  in to ship out all of the pre-orders before ReaperCon over Labor Day weekend.


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