Counterblast Page Layout begins


We’ve unpacked and set up enough stuff to begin working on laying out the book for printing after the months of moving and listing our old house for sale. The toll has been immense but well worth all of the extra work.


After fighting with some wi-fi connectivity issues, I finally got the Doom Bunny server for Bombshell Miniatures back up and running. I will be building digital assets over the next few weeks to layout the book for Counterblast.


Vicky cut and nailed all of the framing section inserts. I helped with setting and anchoring them. They have a radiant barrier between the studs and metal sheeting. These will be filed with batting insulation before the sheetrock is added.


These are some of the remaining wall stud sections that will go on the north and east ends of the building. Vicky cut and assembled all of these.

After the framing is done we can finish out the studio and I can move all of my sculpting/painting/computer gear out of the temporary setup in the house.

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