Happy New Year, Blasters!

Sorry, again, for the delay on the project. At this point I don’t have a hard date when the items will ship out. Unfortunately due to the extensive revisions in getting the rules written, we ran into a snag on development causing the production to bleed over into the time for moving the shop. Since packing up the current Bombshell Miniatures and preparing to move it to its new location we have also had to contend with construction delays due to weather, as well as a nasty bout of pneumonia and bronchitis over the holidays.
Here is what Bombshell Miniatures currently looks like.

Bombshell Miniatures being moved to its new home

Frank contacted me the first week of January with more progress on the revised force lists for all the factions. This is one step closer to wrapping up the rules text and preparing it for layout. Once I can get all of the computer equipment moved and reconnected to the internet at the new shop, we’ll resume working on book layout and design. All that is remaining is the completed books and statcards. Everything else, the new minis, the lunch boxes, the corrected foam inserts, dice, etc. is in and ready to ship.

The web store section is active again for Counterblast.

Thanks again for your continued support and patienceĀ as we work to get you the next version of Counterblast. We’ll keep you posted.

– Patrick (The Sculptdude)

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