Road to AdeptiCon 2017 – 1

We are just about two weeks out from having to pack and leave for the AdeptiCon 2017 show and just like every year there is still a massive amount of work to do for preparation.

All of the new printing that had to be ordered has already come in. The new banners look fantastic. We have new bookmarks to promote the upcoming Counterblast “Bookstarter” and new postcards with a sample of all out miniatures lines. I almost forgot to order the color labels for the Maelee 75 kit, but those are supposed to be here next week.

We have two new acrylic display cases which have arrived and the new LED lighing for them has been ordered and will be in this week.

There is still a bit of painting to do along with lots of molding and casting for our Counterblast demo displays.


New Edo scenery pieces in the mold.


New pieces for the Galactic Recovery Agency display have been assembled.


Storage tank for the GRA display supplied by Ironheart Artisans.

Plus if you like to see some of the new sculpts in the works, hop on over to YouTube and check out the Road to AdeptiCon 2017 playlist with clips from the Workbench.


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