Golden Maelee returns to ReaperCon 2017


Bombshell Miniatures will be sponsoring several awards at ReaperCon this year.

We are offering our brand new Golden Maelee Trophy produced from a sculpt by Patrick Keith and gift certificates good for the web store to the following winners.

  • Best Bombshell Babe category
  • Best Bombshell Counterblast category
  • Best Bombshell KritterKin category
  • Best Bombshell Sidekick category
  • Best Bombshell Diorama/Vehicle/Large Miniature category
  • 1st place – Bombshell Gold trophy and $75 Web Store Gift Certificate
  • 2nd place – Bombshell Silver trophy and $50 Web Store Gift Certificate
  • 3rd place – Bombshell Bronze trophy and $25 Web Store Gift Certificate
  • Best Bombshell Miniature award chosen from the 1st place winners of the five above categories which will include a $100 web store gift credit in addition to the trophy.

Patrick Keith, Mary Profitt, and Vicky Morgan-Keith will be judging the entries

Entries from artists who have been professionally commissioned by Bombshell Miniatures are ineligible.

Visit the ReaperCon site.

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