2017 – State of the Factory Address


In September this year Bombshell Miniatures will be celebrating its fifth anniversary bringing quality miniatures to the painting and hobby community. While we launched our endeavor  through Kickstarter in 2012 and continued releases through various projects over that time we are looking at shifting gears this year to bring you even more Bombshell goodness!

We have been incredibly fortunate to have such loyal, friendly, talented, and supportive fans. Whether by Kickstarter,  social media, convention visits, or web store support, we hold each and every one of you in the highest regards, and it drives everything we do. Thanks go to you, and the many, many, industry colleagues who have helped us out along the way.

At times it has either been press forward or close shop as with any start-up operation. While many times we have felt the desire to throw in the towel, it kept coming back to giving the whole thing a fair chance. Although we have worked very hard to maintain what we’ve built so far, there is a shift in the market that we need to follow.

Starting this month we will be offering new releases and Combo Bundle deals each month through the web store. In the past all of you have come to expect our new releases to be offered through Kickstarter. We currently have no plans to create any Kickstarter projects for 2017! Instead, these new Babes, Sidekicks, and KritterKins will be offered directly in the webstore each month as new releases. The Combo Bundles that have proved popular on the Kickstarter projects in the past will now be available each month in a special section of the web store.

Along with new regular releases, we are working on a range of 75mm display models and 1/10 scale busts especially for the painting community. Some of these will premier at AdeptiCon, Wonderfest, and ReaperCon.

Counterblast will be getting an all new deluxe hardback rulebook in May along with twelve new models to fill out your adventuring crews. The book will be full color and jam-packed with rich background and lore about all of the species vying for control of the Outer Reaches. In the interim, new model releases will be coming monthly and rules updates will be posted to our all new Counterblast Facebook Group.

We will be returning to AdeptiCon this year and will be running Counterblast demos at the booth and the following weekend we will be at Gamer Nation Con. Wonderfest is also on the itenerary with the new Signature 75 models coming. ReaperCon is on the schedule where we plan to expand the categories of our Sponsored Awards in the Master Series Paint Open Contest. Get your entries ready for the Golden Maelee awards!

Lots of cool new things to look forward to. So – while we wrap up Babes 3 Kickstarter fulfillment be on the lookout for new and exciting things happening every month in  2017 from the Bombshell Factory!

–Patrick & Vicky

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