COUNTERBLAST™ 1.5 Rules Update

cbdlx_logo You can download the free COUNTERBLAST™ DLX Beta v1.5 rules PDF here.

The v1.5 Rules Build has new streamlined gameplay, a faster activation phase, updated Hero Builder and Vehicle rules, and an open crew format without being faction dependent.

Please vist our Counterblast DLX Facebook Group to get the latest details and offer your feedback and suggestions on this new updated version of Counterblast™.

Bombshell Miniatures presents the COUNTERBLAST™ Adventure Battle Game, a pulp-inspired science fiction tabletop skirmish battle game for 28-32mm miniatures. COUNTERBLAST™ takes place in a dieselpunk setting of classic pulp sci-fi adventure with fast paced action and cinematic thrills, evocative of the serials that captivated the imagination of previous generations.

Counterblast miniatures are available in our web store here.

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