Babes 3 – Just Over 24 Hours to Go!


Over half-way to Ellie!

We are getting very close to unlocking the sci-fi heroine and sidekick set Ellie Tyson and Bz-R. You have all really helped us to gain some ground overnight to where Ellie and the bot are within striking distance.


$23.000 – Anvalla the Orc Foregemaiden would make a great companion for Maelee or to fill out your forge set with additional helping hands. When Anvalla is unlocked she will be available as a Babes choice for the Bomb Kit and Detonator levels and as an Add-On for $8 eachfor your pledge.


With thirty-six combined lives, this collection of cats will see to any heroic task, quest, or mission.

Thanks for hanging in there with us! We have just over 24 hours to go to wrap up Babes 3! One last push to get the word out could help us unlock Anvalla just in time!


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