Babes 3 FUNDED in under 12 hours!

Once again – our terrific community of fans, friends, colleagues, and supporters, never fail to amaze us. Thank you, everyone! We funded within the first 12 hours of launching the campaign and are now only a few hundred dollars away from unlocking our first stretch goal, the amazing concept of Shaeldareyth Bladesong designed by Chris Walton.

$12,500 – Shaeldareyth Bladesong will be available as a Babes choice for the Bomb Kit and as an Add-On for $8 each for your pledge.

Next up!

$16,000 –  Anugrah the Deepseer – maestress of the cosmos. She channels the energies of the heavens and studies planetary alignments to foretell of coming events. When she is unlocked, Anugrah will be available as a Babes choice for the Bomb Kit and as an Add-On for $8 each for your pledge.


Women of the space age abound in this new specially priced combo containing Babes from our first two projects, Counterblast, and a regular release. 25% off regular MSRP.



Over the course of the campaign I will be working on the rest of the initial set of sculpts to give you a bit of an inside look at how I produce models for Bombshell. Here are a few more looks at the completed minis I finished at the time of launch.






On Saturday Sept. 24 at 3PM CDT / 1PM PDT I will be taking you through a back-stage tour at the mid-point of the Babes3 Kickstarter project via Google Hangouts. Be there for an inside look at the sculpts, concept art, stretch goals, and more!

Thanks again for all of your terrific support, and for getting the word out to the painting and gaming community. We have said it many times, and it is always true, none of what we do, can we do without you.  🙂

–Patrick (The Sculptdude)

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