Alien Infestation


Ron Cover ran an Alien Infestation scenario over the the July 4th weekend at his local game store. They managed quite a dust-up.


Pulp Sci-Fi meets Cult Sci-Fi, as a team of Lancers tried to recover Ultonium from a facility overrun by Aliens. A quick hit on the edge of the base, and then fading back to their ship as they heard the hive starting to react to their intrusion. A fair bit of luck left them battered, with only their HOpR Bot falling to the Alien attacks.


There were Aliens in each building and cargo container, along with varied amounts of Ultonium. The Lancers had to open each one and deal with the Aliens before they could get the Ultonium.


With three different sculpt categories, Ron created three different levels of power for the Aliens (Stalker, Infant, and Warrior per their descriptions from the AvP game the models came from). The player was warned that firing their Particle Multiblaster at full rate of fire would be more likely to bring out additional Aliens, so they limited their additional dice rolled to mitigate the noise.


Group activations were very important, as they allowed the Lancers to clear two cargo containers before they had to deal with Aliens in combat. The first building they tried to clear had four Aliens, and bad die rolls left all of them alive after the group activation that opened the door. The Lanceguard with the particle multiblaster survived being attacked, and then rolled lucky to clear the field with a full burst. They grabbed the Ultonium in that building, and fell back to their ship before the hive reacted to the noise, carrying half the Ultonium they could handle (each unit took a Gear slot), but losing only their HOpR Bot to get that much.

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