KritterKins Production Update 2

Hey, everyone! We know things have been pretty quiet, but we have been very busy working on KritterKins production.


We are trying something a little different on this project in regard to fulfillment. Normally we would open pledge management earlier than this, but we are waiting until probably mid to late July on this project when we will be further along on production. This will allow for two things:

  • Rewards should go out relatively quickly once you go through pledge management than on our previous projects
  • The prompt turn-around of reward requests will help alleviate problems with changes of address and other postal issues.

A-Casting We Will Go!

Castings of Tora-san the tiger samurai and Aka-san the fox fan dancer are well underway. Production molds for Momo-chan the Panda peach peddler and Lady Sakura the peahen are coming up.



The sculpts for the Sidekicks, Roknak, Promethia, and Friskers were sent off to our foundry last week. We’ve already received notfication they are sending us the masters to review and then production on the Sidekicks can begin.

Pat has wrapped up Captain Kelpington, with Naito up next on the workbench!

Thank you all for your continued patience and support of this project!

Vicky M-K

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