Babes 2 Fulfillment Update – Final


Hey all! We are very happy to hear reports that so many of you have been receiving your Babes 2 packages and are happy with the quality and timeliness of your rewards. About 40 or so backers did not make it through pledge management back in November/December to let us know what they wanted for their rewards, so we will be contacting those people over the next week once current fulfillment is completed.


A message went out yesterday over the Kickstarter system with the Bombshell Art Book PDF download link. Check your messages on Kickstarter to see if you have received it. If you were supposed to receive the link to the PDF file and did not, message us here and we’ll post it for you.


The remaining castings of the Jungle Elf on Raptor kits are being wrapped up today and the final batch of rewards packages will be going out over the next few days. You should receive an email notification when your package ships. If you have any concerns about your rewards package please email us here —








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Thanks again for all of your terrific support! We appreciate each and every one of you for making it possible to do what we do!

Patrick  — The Sculptdude

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