The Runner up – COUNTERBLAST!

We want to thank everyone for voting for COUNTERBLAST and helping to get the word out! Even though COUNTERBLAST is the runner up, LXG has offered to cover it in its’ own campaign in addition to the winner, Warzone: Resurrection.

Congratulations to the winner we randomly selected from the voters of the LXG Campaign Contest – Daniel Hinds-Bond!
He will be receiving his choice of one COUNTERBLAST Faction Core Starter Set, One Core Rulebook & PDF, and a COUNTERBLAST T-Shirt!

Just to give you some metrics of what we were up against here are some facts:

Warzone was originally published by Target Games in 1995. A new edition of Warzone was unveiled in February 2013 by Prodos Games (under license to Paradox Entertainment): Mutant Chronicles Warzone Resurrection. Their Kickstarter project for the revised edition of the game was successfully funded on April 15, 2013 at £161,851 from 962 backers. Their Facebook Group has 1,301 active members and 5,317 Likes on their page. Warzone: Resurrection received 85+ votes.

COUNTERBLAST was launched as a Kickstarter project and successfully funded on March 21, 2014 with $35,562 from 289 backers and hit the market in August of the same year. Bomshell Miniatures currently has 267 active members on the Facebook Group and 1,931 Likes to our page. We completed the contest scoring 74 votes.

We are very proud that our player-base stepped up and let their voice be heard to promote something fresh in tone, scope, and design from what currently holds the majority of the miniatures’ gaming market. The exposure from the campaign coverage by LXG over the coming months will bring in lots of new players and will fuel the forges here at the Bombshell Factory to turn out new exciting models and rules supplements for our flagship game!

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