GenCon 2014 Aces of Painting

Bombshell Miniatures was honored this year to sponsor the Aces of Painting Event at GenCon 2014. Ten world-class painters had one hour to slather a bevy of Bombshell Babes™ with emulsified pigment. I got to pester and distract them while they did so.

Congratulations to Marike Reimer, our 2014 ACE of ACES! A huge thank you to Dawn and Scott Farris cutting through the slow bidding and standing up to say “$750.00!” for the set at the charity auction.

Marike Reimer painted Victoriana

Noel Meyer painted Vivian Gale
Jessica Rich painted Prof. Karrick
Matt DiPietro painted The Girl
James Wappel painted Artie the Zombie Hunter
Sue Wachowski painted Tepeollotla
Rhonda Bender painted Tillie the Pilot
Michael Proctor painted Sally Starfield
Amy Stegmann painted Geirahod the Spear of Battle
James Craig painted Ronja the Barbarian

A big thanks goes out to Jimbo Stone’s Photography who covered the event and provided these photographs!

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