Fulfillment Update 2

Fulfillment has begun in earnest. Vicky has been combing through all of the rewards orders and has been packing and packaging them for shipment. As of last Friday (8/22) we have shipped out another 40 packages.


Here is the update I received by email from GPI regarding the shipment of the plastic helmet dome sprues:

The shipment arrived in North America by boat on 8/11 and had not been loaded to the rail as of Tues 8/19. The “dwell time” (the time between leaving the ship and moving out on the rail on the train) has been exceeding 14 days recently. This is slower than normal. So…with that being said – Worst case scenario is it could get to GPI the first week of September. Best case scenario is it could get to GPI before September. We will do a quality inspection here before reshipping by truck to you.

Evidently our order is packed in a shipping container along with other parts GPI has produced for other clients and will be delivered as soon as they can get them.

Many of the orders we have received include GDF (Galactic Defense Force) models that require the plastic helmet domes. Once we receive these from GPI, we will begin processing the orders that include them and start shipping those rewards packages right away.

In the meantime, Vicky has been busy sorting the orders for domestic and international packages to ship what we are able from the stock of castings we have already received from Valiant.


We will be talking with West Wind later this week to go over details of fulfillment to the UK and EU. We will ship out the remaining batch of masters and additional product to fulfill those backers rewards, along with additional stock so they may handle that for future sales. Please be aware that this is also affected by the bubble helmet delay.

We sincerely appreciate your patience as we work to get your rewards to you as quickly as possible.

HOpR and HLpR Bots

There is actually a correction regarding how these models are supposed to be kitted out.

The renders shown with both the arm and the gun on the HoPR Bot were for placement and sizing on the digital prints. It was supposed to be swapped out before the images were posted. This error in the render also shows up on the Faction Core Set art on the main project page in addition to their entries in the Core Rulebook. Logistics dictated that we package the HOpR Bots with the weapon arms and the upcoming release of the new HLpR Bots with the regular arms. That is not to say that once both models are available that you couldn’t convert your models to have one of each, but this is how we have to package them for sale.

So – you should actually be receiving HOpR Bots with TWO weapon arms and a jump pack in your backer rewards.

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