Fulfillment Update 1


Vicky has combed through the initial batch of orders and we delivered the first little bundle of rewards packages to the post office on Friday.

Some of you have already reported over the internet that you have received your items and have been very pleased with them.

For those who have not checked it out yet, we are building a great community over on our Facebook group for the game. Jump in and check it out.

Unfortunately we can’t be in two places at once and GenCon will have us until after next weekend. When we return, fulfillment will continue and we will be shipping out more rewards packages at that time.

As I mentioned in an earlier update, all that remains is receiving the plastic visor domes for the GDF models. They have been shipped from China and are expected to arrive at GPI later this month. As soon as they QC the parts, they will ship them to us and then we will send out those packages.

The big ticket item this week is GenCon. We have rented an 15′ passenger van and have just finished stuffing it full of as much Bombshell goodness as will fit. We wil be hitting the road at 5am in order to get to the far side of Nashville by a decent hour tomorrow.

We will try to post updates to our Facebook page so those who are unable to attend can still check out all the cool goings on.

More news when we return!

The Sculptdude

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