Production Update 9

So far we are awaiting 48 more responses for backers to select their rewards items. If you have already placed orders for your rewards items we appreciate your input!

On July 31st we will be revising the web storeand all codes for the pledged amounts will expire. After that date, in order to select your rewards items, you will need to email us directly at with your selections. This may significantly delay you receiving your items as we have to sort these late orders separately. Thanks for your understanding. We look forward to shipping your items!

The remaining masters arrived from Valiant this week. Aside from just a couple of tiny issues, everything in the batch looked great!

Production molds and castings are already underway and they assured us we will have our order by the end of the month.

The rulebooks have been delivered and they look really great!

They weigh in at 256 b&w pages and are like a special double-sized pulp sci-fi digest! We are very excited to have them and they turned out exactly as we expected!

Next week we will be making the PDFs of the Core Rulebook available for download to all our backers whose rewards include either the printed book or PDF as a reward item. We will be sending a set of links through the Kickstarter message system in order to download the files.

Along with the main PDF file for the Core Rulebook we will also offer additional FREE files! These extra PDFs contain pages with all of the available stat cards for the models by faction, plus a Template & Counters PDF that will have printable tokens, templates, and a Gameplay Summary card you can use for reference in your games! That way you can get started checking out all of the awesome COUNTERBLAST™ goodness while you are waiting for your minis and printed book to arrive.

In addition to packing TONS of product, Vicky has also been able to paint up a few Lancer models for the studio.

She’s got most of the base colors blocked out on some of them and will be detailing and highlighting them next. Between now and GenCon we’ll be posting more pics of the painted studio models for you to see as we get them completed!

More for you next week!
The Sculptdude

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