New Releases and Pre-Orders

We have two new versions of the GhNT Bot available in the web store now! Originally these were packaged together with the GhNT Security Bot. Now they can al be purchased individually. These can be found in the New Release section along with other Counterblast characters.

GhNT Fire Bot – $7.99

GhNT EMT Bot – $7.99

We also have a selection of new Babes and Sidekicks for Pre-Order. They can be found in the Pre-Order section of the web store. These items will be shipping in April.

Thorga – Half Orc Corsair – $9.99

Ronja the Barbarian – $9.99 – sculpted by Chad Hoverter

Artie the Zombie Hunter – $9.99

Buckshot the Jackalope – $2.99

Rottweiler  – $2.99 – sculpted by Chad Hoverter

MInE Bot – $2.99
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