Happy 2014!

…and all is well! We have successfully merged all of the blog posts from the old Bombshell page to the new Airlock Games site here.
The all new Counterblast Facebook Group is open for discussion and we will be updating the forums with a playtest area and new look over the coming weeks as we prepare to launch the Counterblast Kickstarter project.
Master castings have arrived from the foundry for some of the parts offered on the Scout Ship Kickstarter project. We know they are hard at work finishing up the castings to get the pieces sent to us for fulfillment.


Over the coming weeks updates for the various factions will be posted along with new art and pics of some of the sculpts that will be offered through the Kickstarter project. This will allow potential players to examine the various factions and will provide a more detailed overview of how they will play and what makes them unique.
The Outer Reaches is a varied collection of aliens, some cat-like, some shark-like, some unlike anything on Earth. Only recently have intrepid explorers from Earth been encouraged to travel out among the Reaches to make their way in this hostile environment. Many human-owned corporations seeking rich ultonium deposits have begun to stake claims bringing them in direct competition, and conflict, with the the native Reachers. This make the environment rich for many adventure battles.
We here at the factory are very excited to see all of our work reach the point where it can now be shared with you. Seeing the characters and ideas that have only lived in our imaginations come to life through the talented artists, writers and designers over the course of development has been a fulfilling and rewarding experience. We look forward to 2014, as we look back to what 1948 might have been, to share with you what the Illyrians have shared with us, adventure in the Outer Reaches.
Patrick Keith
The Sculptdude
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