New Characters for Counterblast

We have created a selection of Counterblast “preview models” to accompany the Scout Ship Kickstarter project. These characters are found within the Outer Reaches setting but are not part of any designated force list. We will be offering a datacard Print&Play™ PDF file  for these characters which will have all of their in-game stats, points values and equipment once the game is published so that you can include them in your Adventure Battle Games.

Skip Westmoreland, GRA Agent

Smap, Illyrian Agent

Wanda Whitestar, Lancer Captain

Neema, Illyrian Lancer Tec Specialist

Maintenance and Custodial (MaC) Bot

GDF Security Officer

GhNT Security Bot

BdE Bots

You can find all of these models in our web store in the Counterblast section.

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