New Releases


Girron is ready to go to mold and we hope to have some castings back soon. He is a multi-part kit cast in resin and will be an Epic Models release. He stands 54mm tall! The pose has been designed to fit a premium 50mm plastic base for gaming. We are currently taking pre-orders for Girron in the web store. Be sure to use our Anniversary Sale code SEPTANNIV to get an additional 20% off until September 30th.

20004 Girron – $18.99

As a companion piece, we are also making Princess Linna available this month as a Bombshell Babe release. Her homeworld is a stark desert wasteland where dodging giant apes has become a way of life.

10027 Princess Linna – $11.99 Painted by Elizabeth Beckley

Bombshell Now Available at Paizo

If you were thinking many of the Babes and Sidekicks were suitable for Pathfinder, Paizo thinks so too! You can now get our entire line of miniatures through the Paizo online web store. Visit here for the selection.
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