September Events


September is a busy month for the Bombshell Factory. We are working behind the scenes on lots of new things, one of which is the launch of our upcoming Kickstarter project to fund production of the ISW-69F Scout Ship. This will be an Epic Models release although it will be completely suitable, and have a future stat sheet, for use in the COUNTERBLAST Adventure Battle Game as well as the RPG.

The ISW-66F will be a multi-part kit cast in resin for easy assembly. It has been modeled in ZBrush and it is being finalized for printing. The kit will include several accessories and upgrade packs that will be offered through the Kickstarter project as well as an exclusive set of crew figures.



We are happy to thank our fantastic sponsors over at Kraftmark for supplying us with samples of ProCreate for this year’s Sculpt Jam. We have only a couple of spots left so if you are on the fence about coming, or know someone locally who would be interested in honing their sculpt-fu send them here for the news.
The last weekend of the September, the 27th, 28th, & 29th will be host to Clash for a Cure at the Waco, TX Convention Center. Bombshell Miniatures has been invited to attend and the Sculptdude will be onsite to offer sculpting tips and demos using ProCreate. He will also be lending his keen eye (albeit lens-covered) to help judge the painting competition. So pack up your Warjacks or  just come and cheer on the carnage for a good cause.

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