COUNTERBLAST is a retro inspired sci-fi setting where you can play heroic characters, dastardly villains, intrepid explorers, and other fantastic creatures.  This document is a preview for our first project; a miniatures combat system called Adventure Battle Game.  Inside you’ll get a taste of the interesting races that inhabit the COUNTERBLAST universe and an overview of the rules.  Our goal is to create an exciting, fast paced, and easy to learn game that captures the cinematic action and adventure of Saturday morning serials of days long past.  Bombshell Miniatures will be producing the high quality game pieces needed to play the game and amazing art will be a top priority.  Future projects include an RPG compatible with Adventure Battle and board/card games also in the COUNTERBLAST universe.  As development progresses we plan on sharing our progress and look forward to hearing what you think.  Watch for our Kickstarter project early in 2014.

You can get your FREE copy of the COUNTERBLAST Preview PDF here!

Offer your feedback and suggestions on our forums as we develop the game.

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