Maelee Set Complete!

We have completed packaging and labeling all of the backer rewards for the Maelee Special Edition Set. We received the stock of castings on Thursday evening and spent the majority of the weekend assembling sets, packing boxes and running labels.

Domestic backers should be receiving their rewards this week. International backers should allow 3 to 4 weeks for their packages to arrive.

We still have three backers that have not returned their surveys. As soon as we receive their selections we will ship out their rewards.

As a reminder, the two backers who pledged at the level for the painted sets, we will be sending the surveys out as we get closer to shipping those rewards. The estimated delivery on them is posted as November to give our painters time to complete the work.

Ten backers will be picking up their rewards in person at GenCon and we look forward to meeting them.

We want to thank all of you for making the production of our Maelee Special Edition Set possible and for assuring that we get to take her to GenCon to promote Bombshell Miniatures.

Keep checking Bombshell Miniatures blog for more exciting news!

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