Kickstarter Final Day!

Thanks for sticking with us! Less than 10 hours to go with less than $1000 to unlock the resin base add-on! This is the last chance to get in on the set deals that includes the friendly BdE Bot. This version of Maelee and the resin base will not be offered individually through the web store, so only Kickstarter backers will be able to get extras of these pieces. The set is very limited and will not be overproduced. As of now the print run is at 300 sets. We will only increase this production run to cover extra pledge fulfillment for backers and to have quantities on hand for GenCon weekend.

I have also posted some additional views of the painted piece to the main page.

STRETCH GOAL #2 – $15,000 BASE Solo
If we reach $15,000 we will unlock the individual resin Wrecked Robot Display Base piece as an Add-on for an additional pledge amount of $10 to any backer level. This is not limited and does NOT include the 50mm plastic display base.


We will work up the backer surveys over the weekend and plan to send those out on Monday. Please make sure your shipping information is up to date and correct. Make sure your email address in Kickstarter is current so you will receive the notification. Make sure that if you are an international backer that your pledge amount covers the additional shipping amount we requested. We cannot ship international rewards without your additional shipping amount included in you pledge.

We have a very short window to get as many of the rewards shipped out before the show as possible. There will be option on the survey to pick up your rewards at GenCon. There will also be a text box that will allow you type in the extra items pledged. For example, if you added $20 to your pledge, you can type “Maelee x2” in the box and we will send the two extra Maelees with your rewards package.


The production run is in full process. We should be getting our castings starting next week and will begin shipping out the rewards packages as soon as everything is boxed up. Box labels should be arriving on Monday so we can begin sticking them on the boxes. Brett and his crew did an awesome job of assembling 300 boxes over a couple of days and they are all set to be loaded with castings when they come in.

All of our GenCon display materials are scheduled to be delivered today. We have a printed table skirt, two side banners, a display case to showcase our painted figures, foam flooring and our wire rack system to peg up all the packaged minis! I will try to continue updates throughout the GenCon show to keep our backers informed on how the Kickstarter project made this all possible.


We have moved the Bombshell Miniatures forums to a new host. You will now find the forums at the following address so update your bookmarks and links accordingly.

You can also get to the forums through the Forums link at the top of our main page at:

Over the next few weeks we will be showing sneak peeks of the cool sci-fi game in development that we’ll be running demos of at GenCon.

We appreciate your support!
~The Sculptdude

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