Supplemental Update


Our shipment of resin restocks arrived Wednesday! All of the remaining backer rewards packages have been delivered to the post office today. All of the backers who pledged for a painted studio model or an original sculpt have also shipped. All of the backers who pledged through the PayPal Donate system have also been shipped out. Thank you for your patience! We are releived to finally get the remaining shipments out to you. This has been a harrowing ride to get everyone their items! We have learned a great deal about getting the entire production pipeline in place to bring you . . .


The Concept – Maelee sits atop a wrecked robot with her wrench nearby. Maelee will be cast in metal along with her companion BdE Bot. The wrecked robot base will be cast in resin and is sized to fit inside a 50mm plastic premium style base.


The BdE Bot is a special preview piece from our upcoming sci-fi line that will not be released until next year. As an incentive for the new Kickstarter project we will be offering the BdE Bot as a companion and he will be included with every Kickstarter Maelee Special Edition Set. The parts for the BdE Bot have already been printed and are awaiting molding. These parts will be assembled and re-molded to allow for future variations in the pose.

The set is designed and the 3D parts have already been printed. I will be picking up the wrecked robot base piece on Monday to have as reference for sculpting the Maelee figure. She will be getting an all new tool set which has also been printed and sent to mold.

The goal is to have all of the pieces ready for production before the new Kickstarter project launches. Funds raised from the new Kickstarter project will go directly to production costs for manufacturing all of the Maelee Special Edition pieces as well as taking her to GenCon. The intent is to ship the sets as soon as the surveys are returned. We will continue to post more updates on our blog about this new project over the next couple of weeks.

Thank you for your support!
~The Sculptdude

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