Previews for June


I have been notified from Valiant that our resin casting order has shipped. According to UPS we will be receiving our shipment early next week, so the remaining rewards packages will be going out as soon as we can pack them and get them in the mail.


The new Babes™ have gone to mold and have been mastered. We should have castings available sometime next in the next week or two.

Oh yeah! You know what’s coming next. Throughout June I will be posting pics of the new models as I am working on them. Here is a sneak peek.


Originally I was not planning to return to Kickstarter with another miniatures-based project. But as circumstances have prevailed we find it necessary to tap the resources of the community again to bring you our Maelee the Mechanic Special Edition Set. As conceptualized, Maelee is to be seated atop a large robot wreck. In addition to that she will have a special companion robot which will be released next year as part of our new sci-fi game line. This special preview robot will be available now to the new Kickstarter backers.

The parts are almost finished in ZBrush and will go to print next week along with Maelee’s new wrench and tools. As soon as the prints come back I will be able to pose her armature and start sculpting. All of the parts will be finished before the new project launches.

Funds raised from the new Kickstarter project will go directly to production costs for manufacturing all of the Maelee Special Edition pieces as well as taking her to GenCon. We will be posting more updates about this new project over the next couple of weeks.


~The Sculptdude

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