News and Infrequent Updates

Now that we are migrating all of our customer news and info back to the blog from the Kickstarter update system, here is where you can get all the latest info on all things Bombshell.


We will be at GenCon – August 15-18, 2013 – Vendor Booth #764

Since we are tucked away near the Art Show, we will be doing our best over the next several weeks to let attendees know where to find us at the show.


We have been planning another special edition piece for Maelee since offering the Kickstarter exclusive piece last September. Originally this was to be a convention exclusive offer but, we have decided to make the piece available early to our Kickstarter backers who have been patient throughout the Babes™ fulfillment period. We will be posting more about this exceptional set offer over the next couple of weeks.


Please sign up on our mailing list! We will not share nor sell you info to any third parties. But, as soon as we can figure out how to use it, we will be sending infrequent news and promotions via our mailing app.

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We also wanted to create a little online space for you to post your paint jobs, hobby projects and discussions about the industry. It’s not pretty yet, but over the next few weeks we’ll start whipping it into shape. Hop over to the Bombardiers Forum and sign up.

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