Final Kickstarter Update


This has probably the most fantastic ReaperCon experience ever! I had a wonderful time meeting new fans and introducing everyone to the Babes™. It was especially exciting to see many of our backers in person and talk to them about our project. Most of our Bomb Squad crew was on hand and we all had a wonderful time. As an added treat Kev White and the Hasslefree clan came over from England and was fantastic to hang with. Red Box’s Tre Manor and I sang a little “Crazy Train” on the loading docks Saturday Night. Jim Ludwig from Dark Sword Miniatures had us all in stitches the entire time. Even Victoria Lamb came all the way from Oz and stopped by on her return trip from Adepticon. We sold quite a few Babes™ and more than a few Bombshell Sculpting Kits.

Now I have lots of unpacking, catch-up work and recovering to do. I can neither confirm nor deny any of my activities during the convention. What happens at ReaperCon stays at ReaperCon.


We have completed sending out all of the packages that we have surveys to fulfill! We still have a handful of packages left to resolve with selection issues and shipping amounts but the majority is now shipped out. Our patient backers still waiting for their painted models and original sculpts should be relieved to know that those I have in hand will be packaged with their rewards shipment and we’ll be sending those out this coming week. There are a couple that the painters are still working on but we should have those soon.

I want to assure our supporters that the extent of our main frustration with the project has come from Kickstarter’s survey system. With the amount of funds they withhold it seems possible they could offer a much more robust, feature-rich pledge manager without the need to go to third-party designers. We have been having lots of trouble sorting out the surveys because we didn’t have a slick pledge manager to implement. Using Kickstarter’s own survey was extremely cumbersome and created a lot of errors for us to resolve at the time of shipping.

Once our online web store is available for purchases we will send an announcement update through the Kickstarter backer system. We will no longer be posting any further updates regarding the Babes™ Kickstarter project on the project page. Future updates will be posted on our blog at Bombshell Miniatures. If you discover issues with your rewards package and need to notify us regarding damage or missing items, we will work to resolve your issue as quickly as possible. You must send an email with your name, backer ID, rewards level and a description of your issue to


Christopher Sheets has posted a great unboxing of his Bombshell rewards package. You can read it here!

I posted this over on the Reaper Forums but thought you may like to see what is coming up.

For the the Babes™ line we’ll be releasing more female characters that were designed for the Kickstarter project but did not reach funding. There were several concepts we had designed but didn’t quite get to make so we’ll be offering these later. In addition, I still have a list of artists I contacted that couldn’t find the schedule to get something to us for the Kickstarter and I will be contacting them for future character designs.

The Sidekicks™ were an unexpected by-product of what we were doing. I really just wanted to have a fun little critter or two to go with some of the characters like that were depicted in some of the Matt Dixon art we licensed. I didn’t expect them to take on a life of their own and become a separate line. We will be branding them now for their own range and will continue to release critter character models much like Reaper’s mouselings. There are several other robot designs I still want to do, too.

Stirring in the background is the Epic Models™ range. Currently I’m looking to brand our kit range that will include bigger pieces like Shunkaha and resin things like the Rocket Bike and Girron. This will include larger sculpts like 54mm or even 75mm figures, busts, and more vehicle kits.

Developing in the Secret Lab is our cinematic retro pulp Sci-Fi RPG with supporting miniature range. There will be more about that soon.

As of now I’m hoping to keep putting out at least 2 to 3 pieces a month but if sales and interest increase we will certainly be expanding our release schedule. This is all in addition to the regular pieces I will continue to do for Reaper, Dark Sword, Privateer and other clients.

I want to offer a sincere thanks to ALL of our backers. We literally could not have done any of it without the support of the hobby community. A select few of you have received commendations in your rewards packages for your exceptional promotion of our work. All of us at the Bomb Factory hope to continue to bring you exceptional models.

The Bomb Squad looks forward to seeing all of you at GenCon 2013.

Thank you for your support!
~The Sculptdude

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