Fulfillment Update 2


Barring very few snags considering Vicky has been the only one packing and shipping over 1000 fulfillment packages with only occasional help from either Brett or I, the completion point has been exceptional.

Most of the surveys with discrepancies have been resolved. There are still a handful of pending issues that are in progress as noted below. Otherwise, packages have been sent to every backer we received a survey from for the indicated levels.

Total backers: 1126
Dropped backers: 6
Backers not responded to survey: 7

• $1   RACK LEVEL – Completed
• $7   PRIMER LEVEL – Completed
• $15  FUSE LEVEL – Completed
• $20  CASING LEVEL – Completed
• $25  CHARGE LEVEL – 2 Remaining
• $30  IGNITOR LEVEL – Completed
• $55  DETONATOR LEVEL – 1 Remaining
• $75  BOMB KIT LEVEL – 5 Remaining
• $100 BLAST LEVEL – 13 Remaining
• $120 BARRAGE LEVEL – 6 Remaining
• $140 INCENDIARY LEVEL – 1 Remaining
• $150 NAPALM LEVEL – In progress
• $170 PLASMA LEVEL – 8 Remaining
• $200 NEUTRON LEVEL – In Progress

Over the next several days we will be working to package and ship the NAPALM and NEUTRON levels which are about 320 packages or so.

For the rewards levels THERMITE and HYDROGEN, those of you receiving painted miniatures, we will be shipping those out as soon as the models are in hand. Rather than ship most of the painted models to me, I will be picking them up in person since all of our paint crew will be present during ReaperCon.

Thank you for all of your feedback, both encouraging and critical. We have been working under a pressure cooker over the last several months to get everything out and stay on track to get the web store up and running. This has always been our main goal and now it is only a few weeks away!


All of our painters have been hard at work and here are a few more tasty tidbits! Meg Maples painted our studio model for Vivian Gale with exceptional looking metallics and clever water effects. Martin Jones never fails to impress with his camera friendly NMM techniques for Tetsu Ko, Pussy Patrol, Wu Ling Shu, The Cave Girl and Ping.

We will likely only have one more Fulfillment Update™ before things are wrapped up and the following week I will make a special announcement for the online web store. I will be transmitting the next update remotely from ReaperCon where all manner of folks will descend to revel in the Bones goodness.

See you next week!
The Sculptdude

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