Fulfillment Update 1


According to Endicia, our shipping software, we have processed 391 domestic and international packages since March 22. Since I cancelled our PB account, I don’t have a way to go back and get a total from them on how many were shipped through that system.

As of today all of the rewards levels from the $1 RACK LEVEL through the $55 DETONATOR LEVEL that we could process have been shipped. Vicky finished packaging the remainder of the $75 BOMB KIT LEVEL today and those will go to the post on Monday with several more from the higher levels. We are projecting that all of the packages with no survey discrepancies will be shipped out by April 19th.

Only about twenty of the processed rewards contained errors in calculating their totals, indicated too many or too few items for the amounts donated, or simply did not include the amount to cover international shipping. Weeding through these is taking an exceptional amount of time and all of the rewards that we can process with no issues have a priority and are being shipped as soon as possible.

Brett is still contacting many of these backers via email to resolve whatever issues there are and ship these packages when they are ready.

Shipping prices have increased since the beginning of the year and we are taking a hit on increased international shipping charges. When we set the international shipping amount to  $12 during the run of the Kickstarter project that covered what we estimated the shipping to be at that time. The average cost of BOMB KIT level rewards packages going out with and without a shirt have ranged from $16 to $18 a package. We have approximately 400 international backers so we’ve eaten about $2,000 in shipping. We will not be asking international backers for an additional amount to cover this shipping cost if they included it with their original pledge. If you are an international backer and you did NOT include an amount for shipping in your pledge, we will not be sending your rewards package until we receive your payment for shipping.


Our accountant completed the tax return for 2012 and due to the income the Kickstarter project generated we will be paying in an additional $19,375. Fortunately we anticipated this and Vicky put enough aside to cover the taxes owed. We are sending this to the IRS this week.

All that remains is the final consignment of 215 Rocket Bikes this coming week and we will have received and completed everything from the Production Phase.

I am massively behind in my client sculpting work and will be working diligently to complete as much as possible before heading out to ReaperCon.

So, in the interim, here are a few cool shots of the Atomic Punks set painted by Jessica Rich.

See you next week!
The Sculptdude

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