Production Update 18


For those of you heading out to ReaperCon who would like to pick up their rewards bundle, please send an email to with “ReaperCon” as the subject line, your Kickstarter ID, Name and Backer Reward Level (DETONATOR, NAPALM, etc.) and we will do our best to pull your package and bring it with us. I MUST have your email request before Midnight Friday March 29th, 2013 otherwise it will go out in the regular post.


This past week the final master molds were made from the remaining batch of sculpts and half of that was turned into production molds. The remaining production molds should be finished this week allowing us to complete the rest of the metal casting next weekend.


The much publicized label printing issue has now been resolved and we are back to prepping packages to go out. Thanks to Endicia for providing simple and usable software, we can now print both domestic AND international labels on the same printer. Two bins of domestic packages which included DETONATOR LEVEL shipped out Friday and there are two more international bins that should go out tomorrow. Once that has been processed, packages that include the Bomb Kits will begin shipping.

Thanks for your patience. We are just as eager to get the inventory out of the studio as you are to receive it! Shas’tan is even willing to lend a paw to help with the packaging!

I received the remaining resin base inserts and a handful of Rocket bikes this past weekend. The remaining bikes will arrive in a week or two.

Today is Vicky’s and my seventeenth wedding anniversary. I’ll be taking the day off today and will back at it again tomorrow to get the fulfillment going again.

See you next week!
The Sculptdude

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