Production Update 17


The results of the Cast-a-thon have allowed Vicky and Brett to consolidate all of the Bomb Kits and organize all the Babes™ choices into corresponding bins.

Each box contains 25 Bomb Kits bringing the total to over 875 to cover all the backer levels.


The remaining sculpts have gone to mold. I have now turned in all of the pieces featured in the Kickstarter Project as rewards. The mold team assured me they will have a selection of new molds from this batch to start casting this coming weekend, so we’ll have more progress on the production after that.

Thulle is sculpted by Kevin Williams. Since he was already tabbed for molding I was unable to get any pics of him assembled. I will try to post some pics of the masters assembled once I can get some copies.


Our casting vendor Valiant notified me they have shipped the remainder of our resin base insert order and we should be getting that later this week.

Once again I am thwarted on the shipping process. Pitney Bowes crashed again and will not talk to our printer. I tried the site only to find out after registering and uploading all the addresses that the site also does not support our label printer. So, I will be canceling both of those accounts and researching four of the top Mac-based shipping solution apps I have been able to locate. As soon as I can get that up and running we will resume printing shipping labels and sending stuff out. It’s been like two steps forward and one step back with this stuff.

Martin turned in two awesome pieces this week. He painted up the Sword Maiden and Pussy Patrol figures based on the Matt Dixon licensed pieces. I think he did a great job matching the art.

As a reminder, Matt Dixon’s art is not included in the postcard sets. We posted about our agreement in August when he signed on to license his art to us and many of you may have missed the announcement. You can get the details in the post here.

See you next week!
The Sculptdude

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