Production Update 11

New Sculpts!

Here are the models that went to mold this week!

Painted Models

Brushmistress Jessica Rich sent me these two pics of the Babs she completed! Excellent work. Really looking forward to these in person.

And Also . . .

The Bike is done and ready to go to print. I’ll try to post some pics of the printed parts once I get them.

And in other related events:

• Picked up the T-shirts
• The remaining Postcards arrived from the printer
• Cast more Relics, Sidekicks and Babes.
• Met with our CPA to set up our QuickBooks file.
• Received our postal gear – printer, shipping labels and scale
• Ordered 15,000 30mm plastic bases

I need a weekend . . . !
More soon!

The Sculptdude

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